Knit 2 Par 3

Monday, April 24, 2006

I watched some golf on TV this weekend just to get into the whole swing of things. My friend Brendan has urged this as alternative to actually playing golf since you can get pretty involved in a game and lay on the couch at the same time, and in real golf you are mostly standing up the whole time.

I wasn't laying on the couch, just reclining a little and I found that it's very easy to knit and watch golf at the same time, do this may be the perfect blend of two demanding hobbies. And, I could drink a beer at the same time but only one beer, since I am working on some very elaborate argyle socks from quite an old pattern, one where they don't give you a gauge. I am using size 0 needles on these socks and Dale of Norway Baby Ull yarn. It's an interesting pattern, because you knit the argyle tops on two needles, then switch to four for the heel and foot. You also need to sew up the sides in some kind of invisible seam when you are done.

I saw one golfer hit a really lousy shot and say Damn! loudy and stomp around on the green. Temper! Even I could tell it was a lousy shot, it went into the parking lot almost, in some weeds. I would have left the ball there.

I had to stop watching when the "guest" announcer turned out to be George Bush Senior. The other sports casters were talking about how much fun they had with him a few weeks ago while hunting with him in Texas and he said something about how much safer it is to hunt with him than to be in Cheney's cross hairs. And he laughed a really rude loud laugh and changed the subject. He should be apologizing every day of his life, not playing golf and laughing.


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