Knit 2 Par 3

Sunday, June 24, 2007

I never got around to any golf this weekend, either in person or via the magic of TV, although I had every intention of at least going out to hit some balls. Sometimes life gets in the way.

Like for this guy, John Daly. He didn't get to play golf this weekend because of an incident with a fourth wife and a steak knife and probably a bucket of chicken wings from Hooters. Maybe this little break will give him time to work on his line of fine wines. Goodness knows here is a wine you would expect in a box, or at least with a screw top, right? Maybe in a six pack.

I did finish up a number of projects, and I will have pictures hopefully in a few days. I was glad to bind off the last row of the Faux Zimmerman cardigan. I used up most of my Galway leftovers on that, and it has that satisfying garter stitch evenness. When I get the pix I will describe more about the pattern, it is based on the Einstein Coat in Sally Melville's book The Knit Stitch.

As a reward for diminishing the stash by about 1% I bought a very nice Rowan cashmere blend to make the Ribbi Shell for myself. It knits up really nice but I had to adjust the pattern for the gauge and added a few more ribbies and some short row shaping for fit.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Low Moment

Watched Blow Up tonight, and this dress worn by Sarah Miles made me give in to an urge to crochet. Sadly, you can't see the faboo swingy skirt in this picture, but it is both lacy and racy as any good '60's crochet dress should be.

Some knitters have strong feelings about crochet. The feeling I feel about crochet is mostly shame about my periodic lapse into crochet, since I don't think crochet is such a skilled needle art. In the hierarchy of craft, though, I rate it above macrame. And I do love the granny square and all the variations of said pattern.

In my defense, I've never made a crocheted potholder, dishcloth or toilet paper holder. As a child, I was big on crocheting Barbie clothes, particularly wedding dresses like this one. I made one whenever I could get my hands on some white yarn, and playtime was one big Sapphic wedding extravaganza because I didn't have any Kens.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Celebrating this Very Special Day with my Family

Not Father's Day, silly! 35 years ago today is the anniversary of the Watergate Break In. We spent the day taping locks open with black electrical tape and giving each other code names.

As mentioned before in this blog, Nixon was very keen on golfing. Here he is having a conversation about the Presidential (Golf) Balls.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Golf Improvement

I had about a thousand things on my To Do list today, but I ended the day lounging on the couch watching golf, finishing up the sleeves on the Faux Zimmerman sweater - alas! all alone, in a house full of non-golf watchers.

Do you find this happening to you? A Reader wrote to tell me about the bittersweet sorrow of a house full of non-golf watching guests and the miracle of TIVO. Just last week, a child lamented that Golf is not Family TV, due to the number of commercials for erectile dysfunction. Is there anything we can do to make it more palatable for them?

Well, for this US Open, there is a Pre-Game show. According to Brendan, they interviewed every blade of grass on the course today before shotgun. That's a start! If Emily can watch an hour special on E! about Paris Hilton - and watch it more than one time! - surely she would enjoy an interview with a blade of grass.

How about a Red Carpet Special? With fashion commentary what, though. The logo golf shirts and baggy pants? Although Aaron Baddely had on spectacular madras pants today, and his hair was perfect.

But these guys have the right idea: golf needs a little blood to draw in the crowds. A few busted noses and loose teeth can make the time just fly. Or Lucha Libre golf! Or maybe a reality show where you have to design a golf course and play a round for the judges.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Feeling Squirrely

Being a city person, I think it's scary to see animals out and about without a leash. One of the most brazen, at least in my neighborhood of loose garbage can lids, is the squirrel. Twice squirrels got into our kitchen by eating through the screen mesh in the window, and once in London I saw a squirrel jump on a lady's leg and run up her skirt. I find them menacing.

So it is not a surprise that the US Open is being held at a place with a squirrel for a mascot. Check the leaderboard today: no one is under par at the close of business. Check out the beady eyes on their mascot, it all makes sense:

Is there golf planned for this weekend? Maybe just the couch kind. I hope to make a trip to the Renegade Craft Fair to buy some yarn since I a) have been making excellent progress with stash reduction b) am working on some projects for a long long time and tired of the yarn I have and c) am really sure I will use whatever I buy very soon and d) feeling like I deserve it and e) want to support independent spinners and f) make a good living and should treat myself every now and then and g) blah blah blah

Hey: if you click on the blog title you get a surprise.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


The Mile Square City was well represented on Sunday, celebrating World Wide Knit In Public Day at Pier A Park.

If you missed it, perhaps if you went to this event instead you can check out some pictures of our happy day here.

Many thanks to co-organizers Margaux and Lisa for a fun time.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

In which it all becomes clear

While I was sorting out the laundry here my right livelihood came to me: proprietress of a yarn store with a Par 3 golf course in the back.

We played a really satisfying round at Anchor Golf Land today. There were plenty of families there whacking balls, and toting tykes around the mini-golf course so it's not just a place full of old guys who are possibly non-knitters. I bet someone else besides me would have been glad to poke (probably) her head into a yarn store instead of the pro shop.

Plus, we could redo the mini golf with a knitting theme.

And we could buy this bus real cheap from the Flying Fingers folks since it got busted up in a freak tornado a few weeks ago: