Knit 2 Par 3

Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Low Moment

Watched Blow Up tonight, and this dress worn by Sarah Miles made me give in to an urge to crochet. Sadly, you can't see the faboo swingy skirt in this picture, but it is both lacy and racy as any good '60's crochet dress should be.

Some knitters have strong feelings about crochet. The feeling I feel about crochet is mostly shame about my periodic lapse into crochet, since I don't think crochet is such a skilled needle art. In the hierarchy of craft, though, I rate it above macrame. And I do love the granny square and all the variations of said pattern.

In my defense, I've never made a crocheted potholder, dishcloth or toilet paper holder. As a child, I was big on crocheting Barbie clothes, particularly wedding dresses like this one. I made one whenever I could get my hands on some white yarn, and playtime was one big Sapphic wedding extravaganza because I didn't have any Kens.


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