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Friday, August 21, 2009


We loaded up the car with knitting last week and headed up to Maine and I haven't looked back. Or looked up from my needles until today, the first cloudy day we've had all week.

Normally a sentence with "cloudy day" and "Maine" also includes the words "yet again" or "quick run to the store for wine" or "divorce". The little bit of beach fog means a break from beach knitting and a little bit of blogging.

It hasn't been all knitting and beach and boxes of wine. My sister Mrs. Sacco came up for a few days, her first trip ever to visit us on vacation. Why'd she wait so long? She stayed at this fancy schmancy hotel:

Through all the many years I've been coming here, we never even tried to sneak into the ladies rooms at this hotel. It cost about the same to stay here as it would cost to knit a men's sweater in cashmere, for one thing. I am pretty sure they don't put any paper umbrellas in the G&T's at cocktail hour either. They do have - of all things! - a teeny tiny putting green.

Here I am doing some private putting. Don't my arms look straight? Like a pendulum, no wimpy wrists I assure you:

As I write this I am shocked to realize that this is the only golf I've done so far. It's all about the knitting this vacation. What's on the needles, you may ask? In honor of UFO August, I am finishing up the Poetry Mittens I started a way long time ago on another visit to Maine. They require concentration and really good light and a comfy chair, and the time to ponder the the poem and person for whom they are being knitted. They were started in Maine, and they will be finished up in Maine, I hope.

I also casted on and got most of the way through a Mr. Greenjeans cardigan, for Mrs. Sacco. Not only is she apparently rich, she is the size of a 10 year old, so it's been a very quick knit. I just have one more sleeve to go, then the ribbing, and then a three year search for the one single button I need.

Before I left for Maine, I made a quick trip to Brooklyn General for no reason at all other than to see what they had going on there. I fell in love with 3 ply Morehouse Merino in a beautiful green color. I bought so much of it I got a little sick and sweaty when I saw it at home, but the color is divine and the heart wants what it wants, right? I brought it with me to Maine to see what it will turn into.

Well, sun is out and all the fog has burned away, so I am off to the beach for a bit. I will be back soon to tell you about some beautiful onions.


Anonymous Jeanne said...

Sounds like a great vacation - can't wait to see the mittens and cardi!

Putting green at a hotel? Nice!

8/23/2009 07:28:00 PM  

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