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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Cookie A v. Wendy D Summer of Socks Smackdown!

It's all about socks this summer here in this house, particularly sock patterns by Wendy D and Cookie A. Starting "now", and continuing until "then" I am going to knit pairs of socks but using different patterns in each pair. Some pairs might have two Wendy patterns, some might have two Cookie A patterns and some - some - might have one of both.

I have a head start on the Wendy D's though:

These are the On Hold Socks from Socks from the Toe Up. The partner for this one will be Catnip Socks. The yarn is some hand dyed stuff I got a few years ago from Shannon Okey at a craft fair that had very generous yardage - some of it I used for a small shawl, and even after I finish sock number 2, I think I'll have enough for at least one more pair.

Here's another Wendy D sock giving that sad Brooks Farm yarn one last chance:

I know I've complained about that Brooks Farm a few times in this blog lately, and I was going to use it to tie up plants if these socks didn't work out, but they did. These are Van Dykes. The matching one is the Labryinth sock which is finished but go figure, no picture.

I used this long weekend to finish up a few objects in preparation for the sock smackdown. If you haven't had a chance to knit The Heartbreakingly Cute Pilot Cap (Rav Link) go out and find a hatless baby head right now. It shouldn't be hard to find a baby these days, they seem to be everywhere.

I also finished - hold on to your seats, folks - a sweater vest for my very own husband. You'll have to wait for the fall to get a picture of him wearing it, but here is some of it:

Two things about this: it was a more subdued Noro than I usually work with, and I still found the same beautiful striping and blending while knitting. And this is actually only the second sweater I ever knitted for my husband - the first being one I knitted during our very short courtship twenty years ago.


Anonymous Jeanne said...

The sock smackdown sounds fun - and I love the sock you've started with. Glad you found something that worked with the Brooks Farm yarn - it is really pretty.

Can't wait to see the vest - looks great from the little peek you've given us!

7/08/2009 06:21:00 AM  

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