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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Movies About Knitting: The King of Comedy

Okay, well it's true, maybe most people don't think of King of Comedy as a knitting movie. I know I never did until last night.

I spent a whole lot of time this morning looking to see what other movie critics have noticed just how much knitting there is in this movie. I am the first!

In the knitting scene - possibly the pivotal part of the movie! - Masha and Rupert have kidnapped Jerry, and Masha has Jerry trying on a red, v-necked stockinette sweater that she knitted for him. And in Sandra Bernhard's character's face you could see the total bliss of knitting: she loves the knitting. She loves the person that's getting the knitting. She loves that the sleeves are the right length without the benefit of measuring. She loves the stockinette stitch. It's the magical moment of knitting.

I loved how the v-neck was so perfect.

And the moral of this story? Inside every fanatic, there is a knitter. And vice-versa.


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