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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Try This At Home!

I really am a fast knitter, but I astounded myself by completing the toe up socks cast on Sunday afternoon. For sock one, I used the Van Dyke pattern (Rav link) but for sock two, I am going to use the Labyrinth pattern (Rav link). I want to try so many of the patterns in this book but I don't want to wait for a whole other pair of socks for a new pattern. I know the universe craves the symmetry of matching socks, but everyone can benefit from a little asymmetrical chaos in her day.

The reason for this fast finish is a scientific combo of needle style and brand, knitting technique, construction method and fabric, with a healthy dose of perimenopausal insomnia to lube up the process. Here I am, demonstrating the use of the magic loop technique on toe up socks that I cast on using the Turkish method , on HiyaHiya needles:

Knitters! Try this at home! At this rate there will be no cold feet within a 25 mile radius of the Mile Square City and quite possibly I will have used up every inch of my stash sock yarn.


Anonymous Jeanne said...

I think having two different patterns is great - what a great way to try them all! Can't wait to see your socks...

6/06/2009 08:38:00 AM  

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