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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Needles on Fire

First, right off: how happy do you think I was to find out that Margaret Hamilton could knit? As if it wasn't enough that she could command winged monkeys, and make great coffee, but here she is, knitting.

I feel sorry, though, that Magic Loop knitting probably wasn't invented then, because her knitting - indeed, her life - would be so much more exciting if she could ditch those straights. Since my big conversion a few weeks ago not only has my ability to work complicated patterns in teeny tiny gauge increased, but I've been churning out projects faster than you can say ssk yo psso.

And where are the pictures? I did finish both socks for the Climbing Lace Socks in one short week, and Emily has already worn them and threw them in the laundry basket, perhaps never to be seen again. I also finished up a chunky version of the beautiful Springtime Bandit using some Noro Taiyo and size 10 needles, which I wrapped up for a present, so you won't get to see that either.

I am halfway done with another Springtime project, this one using double strands of Malabrigo Lace and the HiyaHiya needles I got at Knitty City. This yarn is spectacular in both color and hand, and I wish you could put your face up to the computer because I'd rub it on your cheek. The pattern is so well written it's a fast and fun knit even though it looks fancy.

And if this isn't enough knitting for one post, I've also casted on these socks . I tell you, this magic loop Lights Up My Life.


Anonymous Jeanne said...

Wow - you've been busy! No pictures?

4/25/2009 07:40:00 AM  

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