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Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Adventures of Three Girls and One Boy

Lynn and I loaded up the kids in the car and headed out for an adventure on Saturday, enough of an adventure to fill a slim volume.

Chapter 1: Return of the Death Row Handknits

With the fear of another freak spring snow storm on our minds this Saturday morning, we headed out to a surprisingly fruitful estate sale. I scored a much needed enamel compost pail, with a lid no less, for $2. Upstairs, though, we found Victim 2 in the Death Row Handknits series:

The soft focus treatment Lynn gives it here might lead you to believe this piece could be salvaged, but don't be fooled. I'd place this knitting at about 1975, made with a startling tangerine colored acrylic. It was hard to walk away from the nice garter stitch pattern but Emily's screams of horror could be heard throughout the neighborhood so I just left it up there.

Chapter 2: Google Directions: Just a Pack of Lies

After putting more junk in our trunk yet spending less than $13, and armed with our Google Map print outs, we headed over several rivers to the Noguchi Museum in Long Island City. Those of you familiar with this blog might wonder if I had a choice between sticking a pin in my eye or going to LIC on the weekend, but I assure you there was a knitting related purpose.

Things went pretty smoothly until we got to the part of the directions that said: "Make a left at 11th Street, then a right on to 53rd Avenue, which veers slightly and turns into Vernon Avenue". Truth be told, you do that and you will veer right into the Newtown Creek. And even if you go back to 11th Street and follow those directions three, four or even five times, and even if you wish hard, and drive on some sidewalks by accident, you end up in the Newtown Creek.

Luckily, Emily secretely texted an SOS to her father from the back seat and he used a real map to get us there in time to photograph this lovely shrug made from only two skeins of Noro.

I used this pattern as a starting point, but also used two different Noro color groups as you would for this scarf. As always, the knitting looked at home surrounded by all that japanese-osity.

One note on the Google: don't believe everything you print out. Huh.

Chapter 3: $7 Bar of Migraine

All that getting lost required some expensive hand made chocolate and we found just the ticket at Mast Brothers chocolate. The youthful yet bewhiskered brothers were happy to show our little party where they roasted the cacao beans and slapped on the pretty labels right there in the store. I was able to purchase and mostly consume a tasty tidbit with most of my migraine triggers built right in: nuts and chocolate, sprinkled with salt. All I needed was a piece of hard cheese and I'dve been knocked out cold for a week.


Anonymous Jeanne said...

Sounds like a fun time - how could you resist that shawl? :-)

The shrug is very cute!

3/23/2009 05:09:00 PM  
Anonymous lynn said...

i have to read online that you actually don't have psychic powers? i feel so used...

3/23/2009 09:06:00 PM  

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