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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Death Row Handknits

My sister, Mrs. Sacco, does a lot of volunteer work looking for homes for shelter dogs that are scheduled for euthanasia because of their behavior problems or because they have only three legs or one eye or some such tragic thing. I admire this, as most of these dogs would bite you as hard as they could if they got a chance. She is concerned about the misfit unloved, and does something about it.

I was thinking about her today in the Salivation Army when I came upon this handmade vest in the Yellow section, which comes after Pink but is before Blue:

The workmanship on this was pretty good, considering it was made out of a 100% petroleum product yarn , among the squeakiest and unpleasant I've ever touched. And yes, it was crocheted but you could see it was done with skill and care. It looked like a thousand yellow eyes but they were all uniform with nice seaming and no loose ends. Somebody cared to make it, but then somebody gave it away.

It was on the final sale rack which meant that after the markdowns, it would have cost me about $1.50 to take it home. But I took a picture instead, and left it hanging there, and I have been feeling bad about it all day. Where will it end up?

I should have gotten it and given it to Mrs. Sacco. She would understand.


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