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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Two Tall Heroines

This weekend told the tale of two tall girls, on either side of the U.S. of A, who's heroic efforts in the face of great odds accomplished great deeds.

Six foot tall golfer girl Michelle Wie played great golf on Saturday, coming in second in a close match in Hawaii against Angela Stanford in the SBS Open. Although she had been ranked in the low 200's due to a wrist injury similar to the kind that has sidelined Embloggery - and coming in second is nothing to shake yourputter at - she's a hero because she's playing as part of the LPGA tour: maybe she's realized that there is a lot more to her craft than trying to beat a boy.

In local news, tallish Lynn scored me a copy of The Knitter. At last! Lynn, who is taller than me, found a stash of this magazine at our local chain bookstore, on the top row of the crafts section in the magazines behind the quilt magazines. She brought one right on over to me, even though it was Valentines Day and she was on a romantic date.

My heros.


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