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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A Picture and A Thousand Words

A camera is a good thing to keep in your traveling knit bag. I had both knitting and a camera with me on Tuesday when it snowed, and took this picture out of my office window.

It's the kind of neighborhood where the best you can say is that it has drawbacks. That projectile thing is the dirt mover of which you've heard tell; it moves dirt from one side of the street to those piles on my side of the street. The snow made the whole scene look very steampunk, and not quite as unlovely as on a sunny day. But still. Can you spot the neighborhood Starbucks in this picture? Hint: there isn't one.

A camera is also a good thing to have when you are out looking in every bookstore in Manhattan for that magazine The Knitter. Readers, have any of you seen this for sale in this country? Today I got a visa to visit civilization and a ventured into a big box bookstore that was purported to stock it, and they were sold out. When I went downstairs to the knitting books section to console myself, this is was the state of the craft books section:


Anonymous trouble said...

mason dixon babes tell of similar frustrations from their a result the knitter is offering a special perk subscription to us. check out their blog fro info. also MD says that B&N is working on it.

2/05/2009 07:52:00 PM  

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