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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What Jane Austen Didn't Do

No sooner did I find myself recovering from the vampire fiction obsession, when I fell into the Jane Austen fan fiction/sequel/prequel hole.

There are more people writing this stuff than, well, publishing amiguri patterns on Ravelry. For the record, I have visited the Jane Austen Theme Park and wouldn't be too ashamed to go to this place if I get a chance either. And even though this blog is no longer being updated, it's an excellent time waster when you are in between library books. And, as a plus, you can even get your Jane Austen Valentine Cards if you are the kind of person who sends valentines (which I don't think Jane was).

Those Mason Dixon wimmin did a nice little Jane Austen pattern, and I while I am considering making a few for the little girls in my life, I decided that this particular pattern fit the whole Regency vibe better. Here is a picture of the lacy bottom, up close and personal:

It's a surprisingly easy going with all the fol-de-rol and hoo-ha trim on it. And isn't that just how you'd describe any Jane Austen book?


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