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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Where is the Love?

My goodness where has the time gone? Sometimes the days just fly by.

I have been in need of a little knitsperation lately, so we took a road trip in our new car to the George Nakashima studio on Saturday. I had finished the Secret Garden sweater for Lou Lou's birthday in record time and to tell you the truth, I loved knitting it so much I considered never knitting anything else but that again. Even with a Rav queue of 415 projects I couldn't get anything going knit wise.

Before we left I went to the stash cabinet and picked out a few skeins to take with me. I was hoping that a change of venue would help me figure out what to knit next.

This is some beautiful Brooks Farm I got at Rhinebeck, sitting pretty on a stone table off the main showroom.

What's nice about this yarn is that it's not so tightly spun as other Brooks Farm yarn, and there is a lot of it. What might be not so nice about it is that it looks like it pools unless you knit it from both sides.

And it wouldn't be right to go to the studio of a Japanese artist without - you guessed it!

The other visitors to the studio did not seem alarmed at a woman beholding skeins of yarn on various pieces of furniture, or the floor, and then stuffing them back in her purse. This went on for a long time too.

Still, though, I am in the dumps about what to knit next. I think part of it has to do with trying to slog my way through the stash before buying too much new yarn and finding it very uninspiring. I have half-heartedly cast on a pair of socks, and a modified version of the Aleita shell (Rav link) but I am not feeling the love. Not even Noro love.

Ah well. Soon it will be spring, and maybe you little birdies can tell me what to cast on.


Anonymous Jeanne said...

The Brooks Farm yarn is so pretty -I hope you find something to do with it that is exciting!

3/12/2009 07:29:00 PM  

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