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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Worst Case Scenario Part 2

What if you spent a lot of time outlining a blog post about the fashions of the British Open, only to have Tiger Woods crash and burn in the second round? (He told the press he felt he was "making mistake after mistake" as he played. I had the same feeling with those Catnip socks last week).

Tiger had his clothes all picked out, but he didn't get a chance to wear the sporty faux-argyle red shirt he picked out for Sunday. John Daly, on the other hand, respectbably finished tied for 27th, which is pretty good considering not everyone can wear that particular shade of yellow.

The guy who came in second after a sudden death playoff was seen sporting an argyle sweater in early rounds. Argyle, sigh. I know golf is argyle, and argyle is knitting, and therefore I should be knitting lots and lots of argylosity but I just haven't been able to get in the spirit of argyle knitting. For one thing, argyle socks have seams. Socks with seams, ick ick ick!

And why would anyone knit socks with seams when they could cast on these lovely Monkey socks? I've moved from the Wendy D column to the Cookie A column, starting with the most popular sock pattern in the universe. And for good reason! I have opted for the No Purl option, and they look great in this Misti Alpaca Handpainted Clown Vomit Yarn I had hidden in the back of the stash cabinet. I think I might even make two of these.


Anonymous Jeanne said...

I don't know - I really like those argyle socks... :-)

7/22/2009 08:42:00 PM  

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