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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

TV: Good for What Ails You

You know all that coughing I have been doing all winter? Well, I found out it was pneumonia. First, I thought it was that winter cold that everyone in my office passed around. Then as it progressed into the spring, I figured it was just allergies. Even though I feel exactly the same way I did all winter I gave in to having a Disease this week and spent a lot of time laying on the couch, catching up on TIVO'd episodes of Knitty Gritty.

While I probably wouldn't knit anything I've seen on that show, I do adore Vicki Howell's haircut and I generally find the little tips useful. But this week, I was totally blown away by a cast off demonstrated by Annie Modesitt, and I used it on my Mr. Greenjean's sweater. Here it is:

The simple directions are here, but it looks absolutely positively machine made. It also gives a nice stretchy but firm cast off. I just love it when a home made thing looks mass produced, I really do: My favorite cupcakes in the one lone gourmet shop in my work neighborhood are the ones that look like Hostess cupcakes. And if I could remember how to turn my oven on, I'd probably enjoy baking these Fake Twinkies for just the same reason.


Blogger nixienox said...

If you turn your oven on for boxed cake mix and crisco, I'll have to stage an intervention.
Tasty snack cake recipes here

5/22/2008 05:17:00 PM  

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