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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Great Day for Golf 'n Knitting

I mean the laying on the couch, watching on TV kind of golf, and knitting this woolly blanket while laying down - that kind of golf 'n knitting. Here is the blanket enjoying the sun at the end of a pretty much perfect day:

This weekend was Da Playa's Tournament. (That's not what it is called, it's what I have to call it because of my geographic point of origination). There was a lot of water and landscaping on this course,which made you feel like you were outside getting some sun and having a good walk.

It inspired me to actually get out and have a good walk. It was one of those great Hoboken days where you take a walk down the Avenue and you see everyone and I got so many kisses from I think I might have caught mononucleosis.

The best knitting related thing today was watching Hard Day's Night, noticing this hideous mohair sweater worn by the TV Producer. I got itchy and sweaty just watching this movie, thinking about London apartments with no central heating and those tea kettles you plug into your hotplate.
And reading Lucky Jim, which I haven't done in a long time, I think I will read it again tonite.


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