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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Let Me Tell You About This Golf Movie That Was On TV Last Night

A golf movie? A golf movie musical? A golf movie musical with Yiddish and tap dancing?

Lots of movies have characters who knit, but there are really not that many movies about golf that I have seen. The Caddy, that's a good one.

But this! Called Love in the Rough starring the very bewitching Robert Montgomery, and I believe it could be my all time favorite golf movie musical. You might be able to catch it here sometime this month and you should stay up late to watch it.

It's often difficult to get the context of a movie when you are watching it almost 80 years later and this one will keep your puzzler puzzling. There's a good three minute bit between two caddies entirely in Yiddish. And then the tap dancing, believe me, not your typical Hollywood razzamatazz. I wasn't able to find a clip of Earl "Snakehips" Tucker from the movie, but imagine him doing this exact same dance on a golf course.

Well, in golf there is a lot of down time while you are waiting for your partners to figure out what the hell to do next. I thought about bringing some knitting. But now, bubele, I am going to bring my tap shoes.


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