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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Sunday Sunday Sunday! (Okay if you didn't grow up in New Jersey you might not get that reference) After I got home on Sunday, home from playing actual golf at Anchor Golf Land in Whippany I had a three-hour, face-down- drool- on-the- pillow nap and dreamed of my one good shot.

It's a Par 3 course with 18 holes and I was surprised at how tired I got walking around, carrying my little borrowed bag and wearing my rockabilly golf shoes. I have only ever been on a golf course one other time before, and that was last year at a work event, where my job was to be a hole measurer. At that event at that particular hole, the Richie Rich event attndee who got closest to the hole on the green won a Sub Zero refrigerator and I got to measure who was closest.

So this was exciting to be playing actual golf but I will admit I was apprehensive. Brendan had mentioned more than one time that he was concerned that as beginners, Nancy and I would bean people with golf balls. Luckily, St. Barnabas Hospital, a designated Trauma Center, is just about 5 miles from the golf course so if we inadvertenly caused golf ball head trauma the victim could easily be airlifted by helicopter to safety. Some of the shots were wild, but I am glad to report there were no casualties.

Also there was a lot of staring in actual golf- being stared at as well as staring. And you could stare freely at other golfers besides those in your party. Our little group stared with kind and encouraging looks - hey! it's only a game! Every shot is practise! But I could see where you might feel these stares turn intimidating if it took you a long time to set up a shot or get the ball in the hole, like the kind of stare you would give to someone, for example, who takes too long to discard during card games. In our world we call that Card Fondling but I'd hate to extend that metaphor to golf balls or clubs.

We didn't keep score, which was good for a person like me who is generally always keeping score. If I had to guess I think my score for the day would be about 785, which I checked and is not comparable with, say, Ben Hogan (the picture at the top of this post is Ben Hogan, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis from The Caddy. I did have one great shot, at the beginning, straight onto the green and my heart did sing. I didn't win a Sub Zero refrigerator, but I did find a few balls and Brendan gave us some very nice putt markers as a prize.


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