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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Golf this Weekend Part I

Wasn't the weather beautiful on Saturday? And Sunday too. I got a little sunburn on my nose both days, and my knees are killing me, but I had a lot of adventures. I only got my strength back today.

We played golf at a new place on Saturday morning, Twin Willows Par 3 Golf course in Lincoln Park. I don't think that's where that band Linkin Park comes from, but I remembered that Lincoln Park is the home of Heartbeat Road, a Weird NJ staple. Only about 5 miles from the golf course too! According to locals, if you drive down Heartbeat Road at night you hear an unexplained ba-bump ba-bump ba-bump that sounds like (duh!) a spectral heart beating deep underground.

Don't be so impressed, though! My town has a better Weird NJ story: the Hoboken Monkey Man. Spectulating about the whereabouts of the Monkey Man is big in our house. It's just not a full day unless John makes some mention of the Hoboken Monkey Man, or Richard Nixon. That's a picture of Richard Nixon up there for you John, since he was a golfer.

Anyway. I woke up very early on Saturday because I was very excited about playing on this golf course, it has sand traps and water. It even had a lovely lilac bush right by the 5th hole. It was around that hole I was wishing it had a little place to nap for a few minutes. Even though it was only half a golf course I was totally beat by that time, what with getting up early and chasing so many wild balls. The course had longer distances between the tee and the hole, so it was good practise for choosing what kind of club works for different shots, even though I only have three clubs and it isn't so much of a choice.

I also hit the ball further than I had before on at least one hole. Brendan gave me a good tip on lining up your shoulder and your chin when you hit the ball, keeping your left arm straight and your wrist a little bent, and I found that gave more more power in the swing and the ball went further. After we played the nine holes we went to a little coffee shop near the Wayne train station, I think it was called the Crossings. I was revitalized by my egg sandwich and I could have played another nine holes.


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