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Monday, September 18, 2006

Club Hopping

I totally glossed over the fact that I bought a whole big set of clubs the week before last. I am quite excited about them, they look real impressive arranged nicely in my bag by the door. You can't help but notice them, all perky and shiny, big to small, all there.

But what do I do with them? Why are there so many? Like knitting needles, what you do with the clubs seems to have something to do with gauge. I found this helpful site that sort of gives a golf gauge: the bigger the club, the further the ball goes when you hit it. Tragically, and just like knitting, this site is peppered with the "it depends" caveat: everything depends on the skill of the stick holder and not the shiny clubs, not the shoes, not the silky yarn, not the hip pattern.

I am playing golf at Fancy Pants Country Club next Tuesday as the guest of a work friend. I believe this is a place that will certainly have a Youthful Cart Attendant and possibly a locker room with some nice toiletries. I have a nice outfit, and a set of clubs, and I'll get some balls. I found a whole load of tiddly winks by the garbage so I have a lifetime supply of ball markers now.


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