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Sunday, August 06, 2006

You could have it all!

Alas, none of the top five finishers for the women's British Open are knitters. I would imagine there would be a lot of waiting time between tournaments that you could fill up with knitting, even if you worked at golf like your day job. Hey, I have a day job, and I play golf, and I knit. Plus, with all that traveling around, you would get to go to a lot more yarn stores than the average knitter.

I was surprised to see that the earnings for this tournament were actually kind of low. Sherri Steinhauer, the winner, earned about $315,000 for the tournament but that is actually her year to date earnings for 2006. Michele Wie, who came in way down on the list, took home about $18K but I imagine a lot of that goes to expenses, and leg waxing. Certainly everyone earns a lot more with endorsements, but the winner of the men's British Open got over a million dollars for the same job. Hmm.

Today we squandered a perfectly good golf day going to the lake picnicing and lolling around on the grass. I didn't even bring any knitting, although I did have both golf and knitting magazines in my bag. Emily's heading off to Maine for the rest of the summer, I will need to console myself so hopefully we can play this weekend.


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