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Monday, July 24, 2006

Playing with Dolls

It was too wet outdoors. It was too wet to play. So Emily and I stayed in the house all that cold, cold, wet day.

And we watched the British Open! At least the highlights from it while I finished up a great sweater from the recent issue of Knitscene. This was a very satisfying sweater, and I'll post a picture of it in my new In The Hole! section hopefully tomorrow. It's knitted in one piece including sleeves and in size 10.5 needles. I used that beautiful Achemy I bought last week and I think this is one of those patterns that Interweave should make available for free on their website. It's simple yet stylish, mindless yet engaging due to the raglan sleeve shaping and has a very forgiving fit, making it a suitable gift.

Mindless yet engaging: is it any wonder John Daly did not make the cut on the first day after his gig at the Cavern Club? There are some things you shouldn't do even if you can because you are famous, and drunken.

I was happy that Tiger Woods has improved his game and is no longer facing the specter of being the fourth for our foursome. Because we'd have to kick him out to make room for Emily! That's her in the picture above. That's me dressed like Francie. None of my Barbies played golf, although many were in committed Barbie/Barbie relationships.

The sun came out in time for Sun-day, so we went to JC to hit some balls and believe me, Emily is ready for a game with the old people. With the exception of the balls that hit the cars in the parking lot, most of her shots were at least 100 yards. We also went to Enterprise Golf where she admired a Bling Bling Golf bag that cost, oh, a grand. But that's what Barbie would do!


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