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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, there'll be sun

Rain, rain and more rain today. I did go to the Mall, though and I think the last time I was at the mall was around Thanksgiving or Christmastime when Nancy and I went to a little upscale mall, but this mall today was for the proletariat. And I couldnt find one golf related clothing item for my work event on Monday.

Golf clothes for women, though - it's a tough to find your look. Especially if you are in that tricky age range between 25 and 65. And if you shun pastels of any hue, or if you knees are lumpy, or you'd rather die than wear anything with an embroidered tulip, even if it's on a black background.

In this Thursday's NY Times Style Section, there was an article about finding somehting chic to wear while playing golf in Paris. After I read this article I was overwhemed by the total glamourosity of this idea and it rendered me unable to work. That morning I had attended a meeting about the golf event on Monday, and attire was a big item on the agenda. Lot's of don'ts: no Hooters logos on your shirts or hats being just one. For God's sake - and I mean that literally where I work - what adult would wear a Hooters Hat to a work event? It turns out that Hooters donated a lot of merch to our agency at Christmastime that wasn't considered suitable for the needy, and ended up with staff members. I remember that the stuff smelled like buffalo wings too. Hey you! Don't wear that Hooters hat to work.

Brendan got to play golf on Thursday with people from his job and although he may have missed the article about chic golf wear and the verbal warning about the Hooters hats, I'm sure he looked just fine for Long Island even though you cannot predict what he might have on his head. His score was a very enviable 105. He may be ready for a handicap now if he's playing that well. I did some more research on Hipster Handicaps; for example, Bob Dylan has a handicap of 18 which would make him pretty evenly matched with AJ McLean of the Backstreet Boys, who has a handicap of 16. I admit I have as much Dylan on my ipod as I do Backstreet Boys, and AJ is my favorite.

If it rains a little tomorrow, we'll go hit some balls; if it rains a lot, we'll drink beer and watch The Caddy on TV.


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