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Monday, June 12, 2006

Rules of Golf

We played a little golf this weekend at Anchor Golfland, nine holes and hitting some balls at the driving range. I was very pleased with my score, though, on the nine holes - 48 (par was 27) , and got one par for the first time on the 7th hole. Brendan did good too, got par on five holes too for a score of 33. Nancy had some fine shots right on the green, but recorded her score with invisible ink so it is a secret.

One thing that becomes more apparent each time I play golf is that their are a lot of rules and you need to study up on them. You need to study them so you can improve upon them to satisfy your own personal and emotional needs.

A good place to start is this little article on the website As if I would! When you search for "Cher" on that website you get 10,000 articles and pictures from a long, long time ago. When you search on "knitting" you get detailed instructions on how to kill off any kind of discussion with your partner and you are urged to "Get it On!"

More detailed rules can be found in terrifyingly detailed summary of the PGA rules. Rule 33, The Committee, sounded like it could be the plot from one of the Prisioner episodes.

Anchor Golfland has it's own rules, among them:
  • No high heels.
  • No profane language/
  • Have a Nice Day!
And the most humbling rule of all, clearly meant to satisfy some deep needs for Anchor Golfland management:
  • If at any time it becomes necessary to inform you of infractions, you alone are at fault.


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