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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Golf This Weekend, Part II

After hitting so many wild shots on Saturday, I needed an activity that demonstrated I was competent so I sat down to some serious knitting. I'm just about hitting the finale of the Sockstravaganza so I was ready to pop in a DVD and get to work on the argyle socks. But when I took the finished one out of the special Ziplock bag, I saw that it was - ugly.

When I was younger, I would have perservered through an ugly project and I would have given the thing to someone on the B list for gifts. Or if it was really ugly, I'd check it into the Craft Motel - crafts go in, but they don't come out out. But the one completed argyle had the look of a sock that was too tight in the calf, or pinchy in the toe, and maybe had already lost it's mate in the sock drawer. I did something I never did, and I can't recall hearing that many knitters do either - I threw it out. I didn't even make a sock puppet out of it. Just right in the trash.

I started a new pair right away, not argyle but the new pair does have fancy clocks. I got right back in the saddle. I got another club and took another shot. Isn't that what you are supposed to do after a sorry disappointment? Nobody's perfect.

I had hoped to get up real early again on Sunday and go to the gym and go hit golf balls at the driving range in Jersey City, but I only got to the gym. I actually only got to the gym for like 20 minutes of exercise time and 40 minutes of time in the fancy gym shower with the four shower heads. They have the best bathrooms! Like a spa!

I had to get home quick after the shower because Nancy and I took our respective teen girls to a massive loud concert in the Meadowlands Arena parking lot. Lots of barely post teen boys in bands with a formula: every band had a really pale guy, a fat guy, a latin guy, and a guy with Cure derivative hair and makeup. For variation, some bands had the sensitive guy with glasses and fluffy hair. I liked those guys the best. We were there for about 17 hours enjoying songs like: I Set My Fuckin Friend on Fire.

I was so tired when I got home, though, I could only throw myself on Nancy's couch and put my feet up a thoughtfully provided ottoman and watch a tiny bit of golf, some He-Man classic, until the pizza guy came to the rescue.


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