Knit 2 Par 3

Monday, June 05, 2006


Stimulating dinner conversation today speculating on whether Cher is a knitter, and if so, what would she knit. Perhaps a sweater with two fronts for the day she has a plastic surgeon put those tits on her back.

This outfit here looks like it might be knitted. You won't benefit from trying to find a larger picture of it, so I figured out the pattern for you. I'd recommend using the cheapest possible metalic yarn you can find at AC Moore.

This is sized for an ample, confident goddess.

Using Circular US17 (24 inches) CO 72 stitches and join. Place marker at beginning of row. Row 1: Knit. Row 2: K1, YO, K1. Row 3: K1, drop YO. Repeat rows 1 - 3 until desired length from bust to crotch. Divide stiches evenly on two Circular US17 (16 inches) and repeat pattern until a satisfactory bell bottom length has been reached. Bind off loosely. Don't wear it outside.


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