Knit 2 Par 3

Monday, May 22, 2006

Big Fun Golf this past Saturday. We played two rounds on that Link 'n Park Par 3 course. Here is the score card; Nancy opted not to keep score. Thank you Emily for scanning this scorecard so I could throw out the original immediately and not clutter up the house with sentimental souveniers:

This is clearly one of those times when a picture is worth a thousand words, right? My total score for both rounds was 164. Brendan did better, total score 85. The 6th hole was very hard for me. It took 11 shots to get 130 yards - that's the equivalent of about two city blocks here in Hoboken. Taking those 11 shots felt an awful lot like trying to walk two blocks with a 3-year old who didn't want to sit in her stroller. You know you'll get there, three feet at a time. I had a very nice shot over a bunker on the 8th hole, though. I used my pitching wedge and really concentrated on bringing it back just enough. One really good shot out of 164. Can you remind me why we play?

The course was more crowded than it had been the last time. There was a group of younger teens learning how to play. It must have been a church group because I did overhear them afterwards, talking about the lessons they learned in patience, cooperation and peer encouragement. The most important lesson I learned on Saturday was to bring a Snickers Bar or something because you get pretty hungry by your 15th hole of golf.

Sadly, after all this golf I missed my knitting groups' Yarn Crawl on Saturday afternoon. I was too wiped out after playing to even watch golf while completely horizontal on the couch, forget about going to yarn stores. This is a crushing example of Golf Interfering with Knitting. The women had plans to hit 5 or 6 yarn stores in Manhattan, with a few fortifying beers in between.

I had to attend many meetings at work today and needed to look very involved by writing down a lot of things while nodding my head, so I was able to come up with a Golf Horoscope. Since I generally read the horoscopes for all the signs, and then pick out the one I like the best for me, I thought it would be more practical to have just one horoscope that can apply to everyone reading the blog. So here is the Golf Horoscope for Right Now through Next Time:

" Chances are, with work, travel, family committments and really crappy weather you won't get to play as much golf as you would like during this period. Drinking plenty of box wine and cleaning your golf shoes with an old toothbrush will help ease your feelings of despair about this state of affairs. At social events, ask others if they play golf - you will be surprised at their replies if your feelings are not too badly hurt by their laughter. Your efforts to finish the last pair of socks or to clear a fire exit path in the basement will be rewarded."


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