Knit 2 Par 3

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Golf and knitting have one important thing in common: lots of magazines. Like everyone else in America, I work not to far from a Big Chain bookstore and a particularly favorite lunchtime activity is to pick up greek salad and tuna fish from the deli, and settle in at the Big Chain bookstore for a good hour's worth of free magazine reading.

I think the best knitting magazine is Interweave Knits. I've been a reader since about 2001 and I save every issue, and rotate them for bathroom reading because they never get stale! In the most recent Harry Potter book, Dumbledore spends some time in a muggle bathroom and when asked if he had an upset stomach he replies: "No, I was merely reading the muggle magazines. I do love knitting patterns." If I had a complaint about Interweave, it's that they don't show enough back views of the garments unless there is a pattern element to it. Even if it's plain, you need to get a sense of the whole garment for the best construction.

I'm not so keen on Vogue Knitting. I appreciate that they have been around for 20 years, and I once got a great sock pattern in the magazine, but frankly their patterns are bad fits. I really don't care for their new, trendy spinoffs - Knit 1 and Knit Simple. Although there is a very cute sweater in the most recent issue of Knit 1 that I would consider making for Emily! These magazines are for dabblers with no interest in the craft.

I was thrilled to find Golf For Women amidst all the testosterone fueled men's golf magazines. Now this has fashion (sort of), travel, skills building and lots of ads for sun screen. I bought it and keep it in my desk at work for those conference call emergencies. I think I may get a subscription, unless anyone from the magazine is reading this blog and would like to maybe be a sponsor? Then I imagine I would at least get a subscription for free.

What Golf For Women needs is Horoscopes. I'll read every horoscope I come across, with hope in my heart for a better tomorrow. It would be good to have a golf horoscope. Send me your sign and I will work on one for you.

I am just at the point in my life where it's hard to find a magazine that really speaks to me like Glamour magazine did 25 years ago. I knitted an "off to college" sweater from the August 1978 issue of Glamour that I wore for about 10 years. I also got a great pork chop recipe from Glamour that I made on Sunday for dinner. I think Bust magazine comes close to Glamour for me. It certainly has plenty of knitting! Bust doesn't have horoscopes, but Glamour didn't have the one handed read either.


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