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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Goodness what a lovely Memorial Day Weekend we had. Plenty of sun up there at the beach in Maine, warm enough to wear shorts and bathing suits which of course we didn't bring. So we went to the mysteriously empty Kohls in Biddeford. Normally I would hesitate to give any free advertising to a big chain store like that, but as Brendan says this Kohls is like shopping at a thrift store where everything has buttons and no mysterious stains. Unfortunately for our family, they stock very little in the way of black clothes, suitable for mourning, or prison. Or the beach.

But I did remember to bring my golf clubs! Yes indeedy! I played golf all by myself at a lovely little par three golf course in Wells - Merriland Farms.

I must say, I was worried about a) being lonely without my posse and b) making a fool out of myself but these little golf courses are full of beginners just thwacking away at the balls. I played behind a 6 year old girl and her father; they were having a great time and of course, I had to interview the girl about her game. She's been playing since she was four, goes to golf camp in the summer, has her own adorable pink clubs. She thought I should try to keep my head down and my eyes on the ball, and try to get my shoulder right under my chin in a swing. Hmm.

While I don't think b) happened I will be honest and say that a) was true. Imagine being a city person, standing here with just your own self:

My score was pretty okay for me, 54 on a par 27. That's like double for each par. I know that's not a "birdy" or a "bogey", but maybe a double par shot can be called a "jokey". I was badly shaken on the eight hole which has a pond. My ball almost went in the water - my last pink ball - but landed on the side and when I was pondering my shot, an enormous bull frog croaked what I swear sounded like "hit it". I asked the little six year old if she had ever heard that; she said she hadn't, but that it is good ettiquite to play a little faster when the course is busy.

So after golf, the beach and serious knitting. For this last pair of socks I am doing some freeform Fair Isle just for the fun of it. I have six or eight different fall colors in alpaca blends that I have collected over the past few months and seeing where the spirit takes me. In the tradition of the Yarn Harlot (see that last link), here is a picture of yes I have to say it, Socks on the Beach.


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