Knit 2 Par 3

Friday, May 26, 2006

I started the Memorial Day weekend on Thursday thanks to one of the many paid holidays celebrated at my place of employment, a place that also gives staff paid time off to play golf.

Since we weren't heading up to Maine until Friday, I was able to get in an hour on the driving range in Jersey City, and there I had a golf epiphany. I had been talking to Brendan about being discouraged because even though I can mostly hit the ball every time I swing the club, it doesn't go very far. Maybe 20 yards tops. His advice was to keep my eye on the ball. Read aloud here: keep your eye on the ball. Keep your eye on the ball.

So I hit 140,000 balls in a row where I kept my eye on the ball. When I hit the ball, which was most of the time, it went far! One shot went 100 yards, the farthest I have hit a ball, and straight to boot. My ephipany: keep your eye on the ball.


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