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Friday, June 16, 2006

Those who can't. watch it on the couch

We need an ottoman in this house. Em and I spent a busy and sweaty day at the Renegade Craft Fair and if I could have come home and put my feet up to watch a little golf, instead of having a little lie down on the couch, this would have been a different day.

This year's Renegade Craft Fair had a good mix of things and I was very, very pleased with my purchases. We went early, which was good because you could talk to the vendors and they actually seemed glad to see you. I must say, the heat was stupifying even at 11:00 am and my favorite giveaway was a fan from Aimee at Sew Betsy Ross, who was a nice girl with great design ideas that were well executed.

You will be surprised to learn that no yarn was purchased or even really considered, but that's worth a whole separate post.

My most charming purchase was an embroidery patch kit from a place that didn't even have a website. Just a girl (named Jennie) drawing the patch templates on cotton interfacing with a Sharpie. I will be sure to post a picture of the finished product on this site, it looks like the perfect commuting craft so hopefully it can be done soon.

The most exciting find was a seconds and remnant bin from Repro Depot. The chorus of delighted squeals from the bin divers reverberated throughout the park like church bells. We both scored big there at a discount $1 per ounce and I got both Golf and Bowling remnants aren't you excited about what I'm thinking of doing with those?

The day wouldn't be complete for me without a summer purse purchase, and I got this cute thing at the Fred Flare sidewalk sale and it was seriously on sale. Although it is not a craft, it's not black and it has lots of pockets The pocket on the upper right hand corner is the designated Metro Card pocket. The pocket on the left holds change. And the pocket on the bottom is for the commuter craft.

Sounds like a good day, right? I had a real bad case of tired legs when I got home not to mention about sixteen chores and knitting group tonite. I persevered through the weekly Underwear and Sock Management hour and kicked the dog off the couch and turned on the US Open. I thought I could bear all that bad putting a little better if I put my head down and then, it was 7:30 p.m. Golf was over. Dinner time was over. Knitting Group was mostly over. My beer was warm and flat. If we had an ottoman, I could have remained upright and I would have been a productive member of society.


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