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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Like a Yarn Store, only with no yarn.

Brendan and I made a quick trip to a new big box golf store that opened near our offices today at lunch time. Since any golf related activity is accorded paid time off in my company, I didn't feel the need to hurry back to the office after the lunch hour was up. Brendan had to hurry back to toil for The Man and I hung out at and checked out a lot of clubs, as well as the other patrons, and all of us were like the kid in the proverbial candy store.

First of all if you have an affection for the 40 something balding guy, run don't walk to your local big box golf store. I happen to have such an affection, as well as one of those kinds at home, and an unlimited selection of them in my Palm Pilot if you'd like to meet one right now, so it this is merely an observation on my part but let me tell you: I never saw so many seemingly heterosexual men in one place. And as soon as Brendan left, so many that were so willing to offer their heartfelt yet unsolicited opinions on what kind of hybrid I should buy, once they concluded that I wasn't there to buy a Father's Day gift.

I picked out a hybrid Taylor Made that looked like it might help me hit the ball further than 35 feet. Golf For Women did a good review of the popular hybrids, and I recommend you read the article and decide for yourself. For a person like me, who is not likely to develop a powerful swing and who is not flexible enough to be able to get the club really far back, a club like this might make the game go a little faster. Plus I could knit a cute little cover for it, since it is as much like a wood as an iron.

The other thing I noticed is this golf store was just like a yarn store. Lots of merch, arranged in a way that made sense for the craft. On the walls were sets of irons, like you'd see those Colinette Kits. The section of woods reminded me of the Bulky section in a yarn store just like you'd see in Downtown Yarns on Avenue in their Lambs Pride Bulky section. The irons section reminded me of Purl Soho's great Koigu display. I just love Koigu, the colors are so vibrant and the wps so satisfying for socks. My favorite Koigu socks are a pair I made for Lou Lou out of brown merino yarn; she loves brown, and this yarn was the brownest brown I ever saw and it was the very definition of brown. That's the beauty of Koigu, and Lamb's Pride - the colors are so true and so deep. And you can wash it in the machine and get a beautiful bloom.


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