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Monday, July 03, 2006

Wie, Wie, Wie, All the Way Home

Lots of fresh air, good food and great golf this weekend in Maine. I was able to kidnap Emily and her friend Frankie for their first game of not mini-golf at the par 3 course. Imagine my excitment when Emily turned to me and said: I like golf, and I'm good at it, and I want to play again.

Is this a case of Stockholm Syndrome or the real thing? The kid can hit the ball straight and far. On most of the holes she was only two or three over par. She hit a bird on the 9th hole - not a birdie, an actual robin; it was stunned for a few minutes but it was able to fly away. I think I've found our fourth.

We spent a happy Saturday afternoon watching the US Women's Open on my in-laws 975,000 inch high definition television. Let me tell you: if these girls knew the detail you can see on a big hi def TV, they would have gotten a professional leg wax. You could see every pore and every bra stap cutting into the player's back. It was an exciting tournament although I missed Annika and Patty Hurst in a playoff on Sunday morning. I wonder if Patty is the first bank-robbing terrorist to play professional golf. I doubt she will be the last.

I was pretty excited about a player the announcers referred to as Inkster. The other women all had their first initial and last name but this woman just had just "Inkster". Just like Cher. I thought: we need cool golf names. Brendan already has a bowling name so he could just use that as a golf name; Nancy and I can just try this handy golf name generator.


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