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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Some Like It Hot (just not me)

If you spent any time on the East Coast this week you would know that it was pretty hot outside. Normally it doesn't bother me too much; I can usually count on myself to remember it's consistently hotter in other places, like Venus. We didn't even have an air conditioner until yesterday, we got one out of the cellar after the dog drank all the water out of the toilet bowl in a desperate cry for help. Although we are confined to the one room in the house with enough electricity to support an AC, we are comfortable.

Comfortable, but kind of feeling hunkered down in the bunker for the duration, in need of distraction. I've made all the progress I can make on the Pardigan - knitted through all 18 holes and with that 158 score, let me tell you, I finished most of the body and halfway up one sleeve.

Here is the new project: last week, John found a set of women's golf clubs in the trash. Most of a whole set anyway; upon examination, there are a number of clubs I already have and a few that looked like they were used in homicides. I took two of the six irons and some handspun I did with strips of crushed velvet fabric and Noro yarn and did this:

And after a few rows it looked like this:


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