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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Sad SoHo Story

I got a letter in the mail today telling me that P & S Fabrics is closing. Now, this is not a great New York Yarn Store but it certainly fires some tender-moment neurons in my brain.

This is an actual picture of P&S, located at 355 Broadway near the Franklin Street R station. They have a website but it's one of those websites that looks like it was designed and maintained by someone's nephew who is "good" with computers so there is no need for a hyperlink in this sentence.

It's run by two brothers who are the sons of Mr. Spiegel, the "S" in P&S (maybe Mr. P only had daughters) and a variety of lumpish and unsmiling female relatives. The brothers definitely like the ladies and loose no opportunity to chat up customers in that cheesey, vaguely disrespectful garmento way. Not to imply that it's unwelcome, though!

And the yarn is not good quality, just what you'd find in AC Moore or Rag Shop, but it was cheap. There have been times when that is what you need, to find anything cheap in SoHo. Plus they had a good selection of zippers and buttons, and interfacing and mill ends.

So it's a sad thing they are closing. Since the store is close to the R train, sometimes at lunch I would be able to hop on down if I needed to stock up on basic notions or if I didn't get enough cheesey disrespectful flirting at work that morning I could stock up on that too.

Well, their going out of business sale starts today; hopefully the guys got a pile of money to buy out their lease and can live happily, and cheesily, ever after.


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