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Sunday, November 26, 2006

That's What I Want!

Yes, your love may give me a thrill, but it's been a long time since I could get you to sit for an hour and hold my yarn skeins while I wind balls. About whom am I speaking? Every single one of you.

I yearn for this here handcrafted swift. I woudn't leave it outside in the sheep field like these people do. Christy in the knitting group has one. It is not mechanical, and it weighs a ton. For those of you who are golfers, it holds open an unwound skein and smoothly spins as you wind up your ball. No one gets tired arms - or knees - when you wind.

A really good thing to have would be this swift and this ball winder. Things would
really hum along with
this dynamic duo, a
combination you really
only see when you go
to a yarn store. If you
are friends with the
yarn store owner,
or if you really

she will let you crankup the ball winder yourself.

If I had one, I'd let you do it.

But very best thing of all would be to have the swift, the ball winder and this Segway golf cart:

How exciting is this? In the promotional material, I learned that because you can ride this right up to your ball, you can save an hour on your golf game. It didn't say anything about improving your game, just that the pain would be over quicker. I think we'd look swell on these things. I think we'd have custom made outfits with Golf in Space patches on our jackets.


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