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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Majolica Wear

I was ready to sever all ties with this project too this month, but I'm in love again:

This is from the Fall 2006 Interweave Knits intended as a Christmas present for my niece Isabel. It started out okay - the border rocks: maximum impact for minimum effort. The main pattern, however, is unnecessarily detailed stitchwork. In some rows, the pattern was duplicated twice and in others, just one time It made me tired trying to figure out when to do things twice and when to do things once, so I improved upon it by decreasing the pattern by a few rows and repeating each pattern row one time only. It's a little more compressed but it will look fine to a five year old who likes itchy sweaters.

I'm not too tired to knit today, let me tell you. Nancy treated us to a great big home cookin' breakfast and I drank about 14 cups of coffee. Then I had a great big mouth open pillow drool soaking nap because I couldn't find any golf on TV. Emily and I are off to the knitting group tonite, maybe we will stay until midnight.


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