Knit 2 Par 3

Monday, January 01, 2007

Rockin' Ribbi Cardi

Finished up the fourth and final Ribbi Cardi of 2006, just in time for Clem's birthday.

I used hooks instead of a zipper, but I am unsatisfied with the hooks. The day after I gave Clem the sweater, though, I had a dream about buying some very nice hook and eye clasps at Tender Buttons near my office. Why didn't I have this dream before I put on the hook and eyes? I will plan to go over to the store this week; it's off Lexington on 63rd.

I was wondering what it might mean to have a dream about buying buttons, particularly at a store where you can get carried away and spend an awful lot of money on just one button, so I consulted a few dream sites. This one was a complete waste of, oh, 25 minutes because like all dreams, buying buttons is somehow related to sex (buttoned up or unbuttoned, you decide) but it did help pass the time while I was waiting for the laundry to put itself away.


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