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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Something fishy about this trip

About two months ago, I ran out of yarn for the Majolica sweater project with just about two inches to go on the last sleeve. I wasn't able to find the dye lot in the color I needed to finish it off, even after visiting every yarn store in NYC.

I admit I never gave much thought to dye lot when buying yarn from a major manufacturer. How different could one batch of Lamb's Pride Old Sage be from another batch? Surprise! A big difference.

I was thinking about giving up on the damn thing and making a felted purse out of the completed parts when we took a break from knitting and golf for a family excursion to the NJ Aquarium. After the last hectic few weeks it was wonderful to spend the day looking at nature where I like it best, in captivity, in the Most Dangerous City in America.

You can count on Nancy to find the best possible local place for lunch. This one, which is down Haddon Road a ways outside of Camden, had had great food and the same clock my mother in law had in her old house in Maine. Here it is, set at 8:00:

But other magic was at work on this trip. As we pulled into a parking space near the restaurant I heard the familiar siren wail in my head which tells me a yarn store is near - and lo and behold, we had pulled up directly in front of Jubili Beads and Yarns. Since we were about a minute early for our lunch reservations, I knew I had plenty time to go in and touch ever skein of yarn in the place and look in every magazine.

But I didn't have to look to long before I found the Lambs Pride Old Sage in the right dye lot to finish off this project. How sweet is that?


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