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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I'm A Frayed Knot

I spent the better part of this last week - the last week, no lie! - unwinding this skein of yarn that I got from Briar Rose at Sheep and Wool. It's 1,000 yards and if you stood on 14th Street holding one end and I walked down Washington Street holding the other end, I could go all the way to 4th street and not even pull the yarn tight.

I'm guessing it took about 6 hours to unravel and rewind the sucker, but I multi-tasked by celebrating golfer/non-knitter Jerry Lewis' 81st birthday by watching The Nutty Professor, and The Caddy .

And Mrs. Miniver, which I know is not a Jerry Lewis movie, but has a lot of knitting in that movie. The best knitting part is when the family is cozily hunkered down in their air raid bunker and Mr. Miniver - ever the gentleman! asks Mrs. Miniver to make sure she has everything before the bombing starts because he won't risk his life for her knitting needles.


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