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Monday, March 12, 2007

Back in the Saddle Again

You know, for the past few weeks, I really haven't felt like knitting a damn thing.

I think it is a bad case of Fiber Fatigue. I'm coming off several months of thrilling hardcore holiday/birthday knitting, plus the Sockstravaganza, and don't forget the orgy of Sheep and Wool. I knew something was wrong when I had so much trouble with that f-ing Jaywalker sock.

But I hit rock bottom with the Majolica Sweater. It's a beautiful sweater, fun to knit and simply constructed. But I didn't buy enough yarn to finish it. I ran out of the green with only 2 inches of sleeve to go. I always over- buy, so this is a real shock to me, not having enough yarn.

So, what would you do? Start another project of course.

I picked this super cute pattern from Kristin Nicholas. If you don't know about this designer who is a regular contributor to Interweave Knits, I recommend you check out her site. She designed that aboveforementioned short-armed Majolica sweater.

Beyond the super cuteness, this is a fast knit. I used these colors because they look great, and I took some liberties with the solid color design and made just a plain basketweave stitch instead. This pattern calls for lightly felting the sweater to give it a warm fuzzy look, but I have not decided if I am going to do that.


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