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Monday, April 07, 2008

This Is Your Brain, On Yarn

On our trip up to the yarn sale on Saturday, Clementine mentioned a recent scientific study in which the arousal/pleasure centers of subject's brains were measured when eating a piece of chocolate, and again when they were given a kiss.

Most surprising to this teenager was that the chocolate eaters had higher pleasure ratings than the kissers. Big fact of life, Clem: I can go to the supermarket every day and pick out a new chocolate bar but - and I'm not complaining, believe me! - I'm kissing the same guy every day. It's scientific.

And although I had protested that it would be some kind of personal failure for me to come home from the yarn sale with a bag of Noro, I did come home with a bag of Noro - but new, improved, pumped up Noro Taiyo! It got me to thinking: someone should map the arousal/pleasure centers of the brain buying Noro yarn. Noro Yarn on sale, 10% off. Can you feel your scalp tingling? And this Taiyo more than makes up for the dreadful dissapointment of the Noro Sock Yarn.

I'd also consider conducting a paralell study of the brain spikes on a chart you get when a friend ( the aforementioned tongue-in-a-light-socket Nancy) overcomes what sounds like strep throat to go to the yarn store and buys yarn, ostensibly for her daughter. Really, I think there may be some kind of yarn pheromone that drives a nonknitter to buy yarn.

Or maybe just a high fever.


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