Knit 2 Par 3

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Golf Overdose

Here's a lesson learned: one game of golf in a weekend is fun, but two games of golf in one weekend is madness. My right arm is just about lame from my faulty swing, making it difficult to knit for the remainder of the Memorial Day Holiday.

It did not, however, make it difficult to shop, even though we spent all our money on gas that I still can't believe we have to pump ourselves. While I usually blow any extra dough on my drug of choice, I did buy a camping spork at Daytrip Society. I wonder how this store got a license to open in right out front in Kport without a supply of foam lobsters and Red Sox necrophilia?

On the long ride home I pondered just how much Noro I could get for my share of the republican hush money. I haven't yet found anyone on this weirdly compelling blog who has spent his or her dough on yarn.

But a surprising number of people spent it on guns.


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