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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Rated "G" , But Not Why You Would Think

Emily won't be back for another week and I'm sinking low. Although I outright refused to do so with Emily, I took Lou Lou to see High School Musical 3 because I missed hearing Emily sing along on her Ipod to all the songs all day long. Also, I was curious about the recommendation of a man in my office,who pronounced the movie to be "the gay cinema classic of this decade".

Honey, he was so right. The plot seemed to be a little bit "All About Eve" and a little bit "A Chorus Line". There were so many scenes of sweaty, muscular teen boys frolicking in the locker rooms and on the dance floors I was surprised when they burst into song, because I expected them to burst into porn. And the outfits! One boy seemed to have this Weimar/Golf thing going, with plenty of sweater vests, madras shorts and knee high patten leather riding boots. I couldn't find any pictures of the clothes, but I did discover that some of the clothing was designed by the sadly overlooked Project Runway contestant Elisa Jimenez, go figure.

I'd say it was a minor knitting classic too, since there is a lot of, well, deconstructed argyle going on there. Again, I could not stomach looking at one more Disney website to find pictures of the clothes, but I will tell you there was something that looked like this, and something else that looked like this.


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