Knit 2 Par 3

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Faster, Pussycat, Knit! Knit!

Last year, at some point, I decided to become a serial knitting monogamist. One project at a time, maybe two if I was on a gift deadline. This way I could concentrate on the craft. I would finish things faster. I would have the joy that a properly finished FO can bring to your life.

Well, fuhgetaboudit. (Hey, that sounds quite authentic with my regional accent, right?). With the advent of Ravelry, I now know how much knitting must be done. I've thrown common sense to the wind and cast on every damn thing I've wanted to and that is why I a) don't have time to blog and b) don't have time to wash your damn jeans and c) went the yarn store on Sunday when I have, well, a lot of yarn here already.

Pictures to follow, but this is what I've got going on right now:

And this is only a start, because my Ravelry queue has 107 other projects.


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