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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Yes indeedy, it's cold here today. It's about 175 degrees below zero with the wind chill factor, especially when you started the day waiting for public transportation that never came.

I prepared myself for the cold weather by going to see The Golden Compass, not just because I enjoyed the books and am eager to see hear what Nicole Kidman has to say about atheism, but because I heard the knitting in the movie is divine. And it is!

Mostly everyone who is a good guy is wearing some knitted thing; all the bad guys are wearing, I don't know, maybe Polartec. And it appears that in this society, the smallest needle size is 17 with mostly everyone stitching it up on size 35.

I ran right home after the movie and made this hat, worn by Lyra in the coldest darkest regions of the Golden Compass world and made it in about 45 minutes. I was so keen to cast it on I did it standing up over my yarn box which is the knitting equivalent of eating old chinese food standing in in front of the refrigerator . Not only is it a fast knit on the biggest pair you have in the house, but it is the Killer StashBuster of 2008. I used 6 strands of leftover yet very high end yarn for this hat, about 50 yards of each. Hopefully I will have a picture this week to show you before I give the hat away to a deserving tot.

While there was plenty of knitting in this movie, there was no golf. You had to go see the movie in the next theater for a golf joke, as follows: Why do you need two pairs of pants when you play golf?

In case you get a hole in one.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link...really great hat! Looking forward to seeing yours.

1/04/2008 12:26:00 PM  

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