Knit 2 Par 3

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Last summer I bought some lovely, lovely alpaca at Woodstock Wool Company and I thought I would break down and knit my husband a sweater. Even though we are married a long time, being a superstitious person I didn't want to invoke that guy sweater thing just in case.

Friends, more than halfway through I realized the sweater was wrong. It was the wrong yarn and the wrong pattern and it fit wrong and it draped wrong and it was 14 inches in the round of wrong wrong wrong.

I knew I could...unravel it. Or hide it! Or keep knitting it and end up divorced! But instead - snip! Right up the front and now it's enjoying a new incarnation as a modified Minimalist Cardigan.

Was it hard? You betcha. Scissors on knitting is a bad sound, kind of like the word "episiotomy". But it saved my hours of hard work and maybe even my marriage.


Blogger Paper Tiger said...

It takes a brave woman to snip a sweater to greater things!

12/12/2007 02:37:00 AM  

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