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Monday, November 12, 2007

Class of '82

I woke up this weekend and realized that somehow, I forgot to attend my 25th college reunion this past spring. So, I bundled up the family, and all that knitting that needed to be photographed, and headed down to Exit 9.

Here is Emily wearing Calorimetry made from a scant half skein of leftover Noro. If you haven't knitted one of these cute things yet, by all means try one right now. I liked it so much I've made two of them.

While I've gotten out the leftovers, here is another hat made from Noro scraps, this time crocheted.

Sadly, it was Sunday morning so my most beloved hangouts were being hosed down from the night before. In fact, most of them had dissapeared or been moved to new locations: The Court Tavern isn't on Court Street, because Court Street was torn down to make way for a parking lot. Similarly, The Melody had also dissapeared.

But I was downtown with a guy who's last name is Dalton, and during my college years that meant a free meal at Tumulty's. The Dalton I knew then is my brother-in law-now. Whenever he blew into town, he'd take me and his girlfriend (my roommate) out to dinner at Tumulty's and pay for it with money I knew his parents meant for finer purposes, like text books and not $1 drafts. As I dug into my iceberg lettuce salad (actually just a quarter of an iceberg lettuce head slathered with dressing) I always said a little thank you to his parents for their kind hospitality.


Blogger Paper said...

Looks like a perfect fall day for it... I loved to see New Brunswick and Rutgers from the train, in the fall with the leaves and the river...

11/13/2007 01:11:00 AM  

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