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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Radio Trouble

Okay, okay, I know listening knitting on the radio is like listening to a ventriloquist program on the radio. How do you know if their needles are knitting - or if their mouths are moving - when you can't see it on your 98 inch plasma screen? In any event, I will be cheering on Trouble this Friday evening as she challenges Debbie Stoller to some kind of knitting duel this Friday at 6. You can find out how to listen at home and on the Wide World of Web here.

Since we upgraded our cable, I've been watching what I realize now are long ago re-runs of Knitty Gritty along with reruns of golf tournaments from years gone by. There are a lot of similariites: in the hair for example. I love Vickie Howell's 'do, even if it is three years old. I also like golfer Ian Poulter's spiky and sassy hair. There is that same level of static tediousness that I so enjoy too in watching both on TV.

If we had a split screen, well, that would be heaven.


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